We're enjoying a little time off in July but we'll be back in Santa Fe on August 5-7, watch your email for details!

Then we'll be back in ABQ Aug 13-15!

We're taking a much-deserved break in July but we'll be back in August
in Santa Fe!

Check back often to see what we're up to!

Duke City Estate Services provides a comprehensive, compassionate  service for all estate sale and liquidation needs. We have decades of experience and a group of highly qualified employees. As owner/operator, I have 10 years of experience in all aspects of estate sales. 


I am confident that we can assist you in your needs. We strive to provide a detail-oriented and well staged sale for all manner of situations. Our goal is to work with our clients and to put at ease any frustrations and/or questions with regard to the estate sale process. 


We specialize in large volume, hard to sell, and specialty-style estate sales including, but not limited to, artwork and antiques. 


Thank you,

David Snow and Staff



Estate Sales

General Decluttering

Life Transitions

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time. Our trustworthy and compassionate team can assist with the remaining household objects.

Whether you just want to free up some space or your collections have taken over, we can take the task off your hands.

Marriage, Divorce, Buying

a New House, Moving

We can help you prepare.


"An estate sale is so much more difficult to handle than something like a garage sale.  Every item I looked at was a piece of my aunt's life and a memory of her time with us. 

I had some real anxiety going into the sale,  but David used his incredible skills and gentle nature to ease my worries and help me every step of the way.

He helped be that very needed step in between a precious memory and a thing that's just being sold. 

His set up of the sale was absolutely perfect; he was loving and respectful during the entire process and every interaction he had with a customer at the sale was unique to that person.  He was great at listening, but also at making suggestions as he understood the business side of this as well.

I would recommend highly David to anyone who must deal with this sensitive task and wants for it to go smoothly with kindness and compassion."

— Kris Z.


Our Upcoming Estate Sales

Mark your calendars for our upcoming sales

Taking a break in July
Santa Fe August 5-7
Albuquerque August 13-15

check back often for our sale dates

And more to come!

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Each sale is generally open from 9:00am - 3:00pm for three days depending on individual needs. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Duke City Estate Services!


Looking for help with a sale?

We want to help you when you're facing the daunting task of liquidating an estate, whether your own or someone else's.  What happens when you call us?

You'll get David on the phone. He will ask you some questions in order to determine how we can best serve you. Then the two of you will set up a time to visit in person.  During this visit, David will want to see the space and the items you want us to sell. 

Here is the point where David's expertise really kicks in. With over 10 years of estate sale experience, he will be able to determine a timeline for a sale.  

After everything is agreed-to and the contract signed, our team will take over and organize.  This process can take several days, or a couple of weeks depending on the size of the estate. Our goal is to realize the best return we can for our clients so we use our experience to set prices to sell.

On the dates we've agreed upon, the team will start the sale.  We have a large group of regulars who come to all our sales, so we'll be seeing familiar faces. Right now, we follow CDC Covid guidelines for limiting the number of people we allow in the property and mask wearing.  We also observed social distancing.

Throughout the process, we are available to answer your questions or address your concerns.

A couple of days after the sale ends, you will meet with David again to collect your portion of the sale revenue.  You'll also get an accounting sheet for your records. Then we hope you will tell your friends about us!